20 Simple Ideas for a More Romantic Marriage

Sometimes we get so hung up on “Big Ideas” that we don’t do anything at all. This is especially true when it comes to imjecting more romance in your marriage. Big gestures and grand ideas are great, but they’re not that easy to pull off on a regular basis. It’s far better to try lots of little things that can insert a bit of romance and passion into your marriage every day.

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We found a site called MarriageMissions.com that has a really extensive and really good list of romantic ideas for making your marriage more passionate and more fun. It’s a faith-based site but it’s far from prude or prissy, so please don’t let that throw you.

Here are 20 of our favorite ideas from the site:

1. Sleep with your spouse in a sleeping bag.
2. Walk out on a bridge at sunset and share a kiss.
3. Shave your wife’s legs.
4. Shave your husband’s face.
5. Give your spouse a foot massage.
6. Build a snowman together.
7. Go fishing – with one pole.
8. Go horseback riding on the same horse.
9. Send your spouse a compliment through one of his or her friends or colleagues.
10. Make up a codeword for making love and use it in public.
11. Play in the sprinklers on a hot day.
12. Go skinny dipping in your pool at night.
13. Write “I love you” in the dust around the house, instead of complaining about it.
14. Take a train ride.
15. Go for a bike ride in the rain.
16. Swing together on a playground.
17. Visit a planetarium and cuddle during the show.
18. Plant a tree together in honor of your marriage.
19. Bake cookies by candlelight. Feed them to each other in bed.
20.Share a long piece of licorice without using your hands.

Check the site out for the full list of over 100 easy ways to put some romance in your marriage every day!

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    What do you think about these simple ways to inject more romance into your marriage? Do you have other great ideas in mind? Share them here.

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