3 Affordable and Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating a marriage anniversary is something we need to do with feeling. Each year’s anniversary is a testimonial to our love for each other, our commitment to our marriage and the fact that we have weathered another year of crises, challenges and changes.

It’s far too easy to treat our anniversaries as just another day or just another date night. It’s also difficult for many couples to set aside a great deal of money for something that we may think of as non-essential in a tough economy. However, celebrating our anniversaries with the flair and romance they deserve doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Just like date nights, anniversaries can be extremely romantic and special without costing a fortune.

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Money Crashers, a wonderful personal finance website, has a terrific article on romantic, yet affordable anniversary ideas and we’d like to pass on a few of our favorites.

1. Recreate your wedding night menu.

I thought this was a really cool idea. Enjoy the memories and the tastes of the first meal you ate together as husband and wife. You can even go so far as to recreate a smaller version of your wedding cake or at least decorate a small white cake with the bride and groom toppers from your wedding (if you saved them). Eat by candlelight and be sure to dance to your “first dance” song.

2. Have your own personal photo shoot.

Another winner. Take a camera and head out to all the places around town that hold significance for you as a couple. Some ideas are the place where you met, the scene of your first date, the spot where he proposed, your favorite restaurant and so on. Have a passerby take some shots of you together at each of these memorable spots, then have fun another day creating your own anniversary album.

3. Play hookey together.

Take the day off from work and just spend time together. Go places that you can’t ordinarily go on a weekday or don’t go anywhere at all. If you have kids at home, send them off to school as usual, turn off the cell phones, forget about email and focus on each other for an entire day.

As you can see, a romantic anniversary doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive in order to be romantic and significant.

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    Do you have other romantic and affordable anniversary ideas? Don’t hesitate to share them here. We’d love to hear more ideas!

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