3 Great Books on Building a Passionate Marriage

We’re serious book-lovers around here and read a huge number of them. As you might expect, we read a lot of books on marriage and having a great relationship. We don’t usually suggest books here on the blog, but we thought we might pass on a few titles that we think are especially good reads. Most are available in the public library or you can order them from Ebay or Amazon.

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1. Passionate Marriage by Dr. David Schnarch, PhD.

Passionate Marriage is considered a classic, having been around since the eighties. We read it when the new edition came out in 2009 and we think it’s a great book. Though written by a PhD, it’s accessible, readable and very down to earth. The book’s focus is on overcoming obstacles to intimacy and letting go of any baggage one or the other of you might be lugging around. There are plenty of actionable steps and tips. All in all, a great book on having an exciting, passionate marriage.

2. How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Drs.Patricia Love and Stephen Stosny

We loved this book, mainly for its innovative approach. The book is based on the premise that women like and need to talk about their marriages while men really……would rather not. It explains all of the biological and psychological reasons this is so and then tells you how to work with them. It’s all written with warmth, humor and compassion, but the research and psychology are solid. If you and your spouse have trouble communicating about your relationship, this book may be the one for you. It’s an especially good one for people who think “self-help’ type books are too boring to read.

3. Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman, PhD

John Gottman is described by Newsweek as “having the spirit of a scientist and the soul of a romantic.” We think that sounds about right. There are two things we really liked about this book. A) There are plenty of quizzes and questionnaires and B) Gottman dispenses with a lot of the counselor-hooey and delivers real world information that works. He studied many happy couples for seven years to come up with his list of seven things that make marriage work and some of them will surprise you. The book is unconventional, a pleasant read and definitely written by a romantic.

We hope you’ll check one or all of these out. Let us know what you think if you’ve already read them or drop us a note when you do. We really enjoyed them and we hope you will, too.

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