3 Great Romantic Fall Getaway Ideas

There’s something especially refreshing about fall that makes it a great time for a romantic getaway. The air is crisp and everything seems to be poised for change. It’s a great time to just breathe and to get in a little time for romance in between back-to-school craziness and the even crazier holidays.

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Match.com’s magazine site, Happen.com, has a new article on “The 10 Most Romantic Fall Getaways” and they have some great ideas for spots all over the country where you can enjoy an especially romantic fall getaway. There are also some wonderful ideas on About.com’s Honeymoon Guide. If you’ve got a good three or four days to spend, they’ve got some great ideas for how to spend them. If not, we have some of our own ideas for a romantic fall getaway in less time.

1. Go to an amusement park.

Almost everyone is within a few hours of an amusement park. These parks are usually a lot less crowded and very inexpensive once the kids are back in school. Book a room at one of the park’s nearby hotels and spend a day on the rides. It’s a great way to put work out of your mind and just have fun together. A day of laughing and playing is a great way to relax for a night of romance back at the hotel, too. Don’t feel bad about not taking the kids; they need the two of you happy and connected.

2. Go to the beach.

Beach accommodations usually go way down in price in the fall and you’re likely to have the sand to yourself. Depending on where you are, it may be too cold to swim, but the ocean is wonderful in autumn. Spend the day walking on the sand or cuddled up with a good book or movie on the deck or porch. Get a place with a fireplace and the romance is practically built in.

3. Rent a cabin.

In areas where the fall foliage is a big tourist draw, renting a mountain or lake cabin can get costly. In other areas, they’re far more reasonable. If you can afford it, a little cabin or cottage in the woods is one of the most romantic places to be in the fall. You don’t need anything fancy, just a fireplace, some quiet and perhaps a great view. Enjoy walks through the woods, a picnic or just lying in bed with the windows wide open.

Even if all you can manage is one day away, try to get some time away together this fall. It’ll be the boost you need to get your through the hectic holidays.

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    Do you have other great fall getaway ideas for couples? Please share them below. We’d love to add more ideas to the list.

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