3 Romantic Date Night Movies You Need to See

Summer is coming to a close and the chaos and commitments of the school year are about to start up again. It’s easy to set date nights and romance aside during the scurry of a school year, promising to make it up later. Instead, why don’t you make a point of scheduling a nice romantic evening out with one of the new romantic movies that are in theatres right now? You can have a nice dinner first or grab an ice cream or cup of coffee afterwards.

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There are three movies that we think make great romantic date night movies. All are either already in theatres or scheduled to open next few weeks. Pick one and head out for a little laughter, a little romance and a little time alone before PTA meetings and after-school activities make it harder to schedule some couple time?

Hope Springs

Our top pick of the current movies is due out next week and we’re chomping at the bit to see it. It’s “Hope Springs”, with Tommy lee Jones and Meryl Streep, two of my favorite actors. Streep and Jones are a longtime married couple who love each other a great deal, but have settled into a routine that leaves Streep wanting more from their marriage in the way of passion and excitement. She convinces her husband to fly to the small town of Great Hope Springs for a week with a famous couple’s counselor played by Steve Carrell. You can see the trailer and read the advance reviews at Moviefone.com and check it out for yourself. It looks like a terrific comedy that fits right in with the Rockin’ Marriage agenda.

The 5 Year Engagement

I’m a huge fan of Emily Blunt, especially in comedy movies. One of her new films this year is “The Five Year Engagement”, which also stars Jason Segal. We saw it last month and loved it. It’s still in theatres and if you haven’t seen it you should. Blunt and Segal play a couple who become engaged and then find that they keep having to postpone their wedding for one reason after another. It’s a truly fun movie, complete with strange and intrusive in-laws and some really good points(presented in a hilarious way) to make about commitment, sticking together and making things work when everything goes wrong. Watch the trailer and read reviews at IMDb.

The Lucky One

“The Lucky One” can still be caught in some theatres or you can wait for the DVD release next month. I was very surprised that i liked this movie, even though it’s the latest from romantic guru Nicholas Sparks. All I know of Zac Efron is “High School Musical”, so I was hesitant to bother seeing this one. However, Efron’s all grown up and Sparks’ story is a wonderful one. Efron plays a Marine in Iraq who narrowly escapes being blown to bits because he stoops to pick up the picture of a beautiful woman. After recovering from his injuries, he travels to Louisiana to meet and thank the woman. Naturally, he falls in love with her. Like most Sparks movies, it’s not all rainbows and daisies, but it has a beautiful theme of redemption, destiny and the right of all of us to love and be loved. You can see the trailer and reviews at IMDb.

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