3 Romantic Mother’s Day Getaways

Mother’s Day has two sides to it. On the one hand, you want to acknowledge and celebrate the woman in your life for being a great mother. On the other hand, you need to celebrate Mom as the woman in your life. Homemade projects and gifts achieve the first goal, but a romantic getaway will absolutely nail the second one.

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We found a great resource for some special and romantic getaways for your favorite Mom from, of all unlikely places, the Bankrate website. It’s geared towards adult kids who want to send their Moms on a very special Mother’s Day getaway, but they have some great ideas. Rather than highlight the specific places they recommend (check the article for those), we thought we’d share what we think are their best ideas.

1. A spa weekend.

There are weekend spas within easy driving distance of any major city. Most of them have Mother’s Day specials that offer great prices and also a little extra pampering on Mom’s special day. This is a woman that works very hard to take care of you and your family. Give her the gift of being taken care of for a few days.

2. A cooking school getaway.

Culinary vacations and hotels and bed & breakfast that focus on cooking and food are very hot right now. It may not seem like much of a gift to send her somewhere to cook, but your wife may really appreciate a weekend that not only envelopes her in a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere but rekindles her creativity in the kitchen.

3. A sports vacation.

Moms are notorious for skipping exercise and fitness time in favor of spending time on their husbands and kids. Give your wife a health boost as well as a boost in confidence (and a helping of fun) by sending her to one of the many vacation sports schools. She can try surfing in Mexico or river rafting in Georgia, all in the company of other women. She’ll come refreshed, rejuvenated and with a few new friends.

These are just a few great romantic Mother’s Day getaways. Chose one of these, read about more getaways on the Bankrate site, or let these ideas spark your own creative thinking.

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