4 Great Ways to Get Fit Together This Fall

Fall is a great time to get into a couples exercise routine of some kind. The weather is cooler, the kids are back in school and it’s always nice to have a little caloric leeway when the holidays are approaching. Working out together is also a great way to keep each other motivated, hold each other accountable and get some great couple time while you’re at it. By working out together, you don’t have to choose between getting some exercise or spending time with your honey. Couples exercise or couples workouts are also gaining in popularity, for very good reason.

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A trip to the gym for a side-by-side workout is edging out candlelight dinners as a way for some area couples to spend quality time together and expend some calories,” says a recent article in the Star-Tribune. “According to a recent Indiana University study, couples who exercise together are 34 percent more likely to show up for workouts than those who work out apart. Several other studies have found that those couples also exercise more often and stick with their regimens longer than their single counterparts do.”

Check out the article for more reasons to work out together this fall.

In the meantime, here are four of our favorite ways to get fit together at this time of year.

1. Go hiking.

Hiking is not just a great way to get outside, get some fresh air and check out some great scenery. It also gives you a fantastic workout, even if you’re hiking on flat terrain. As an added bonus, it’s something you can do alone, which gives you the quiet you need to really talk and listen to each other.

2. Take a dance class.

This is a big one on our list, because we’ve enjoyed taking ballroom and latin dance classes together on more than one occasion. If you have young kids at home, try to find a studio that has age appropriate classes for them at the same time and you won’t have to worry about leaving the kids at home with a sitter. Dance classes are a tremendous workout and incredibly sensuous. Dance night always means plenty of romance later on at home.

3. Join a sports team.

Playing a sport together can be great fun. It’s a way to get a good workout without feeling like you’re exercising. The camaraderie does wonders for you in the romance department, too. Couples that play together in the field play together at home, too. Look into adult leagues and teams sponsored by your neighborhood, your community center, your church or even your workplace.

4. Train for something.

Sometimes having a goal with a definite time frame makes it easier to commit to getting fit. Working together toward something is also a great way to strengthen your marriage. It can be a 5k run, a walk for charity, a bicycle race or a dance-a-thon. Choose something that looks like fun and is realistic for your fitness level and the amount of time you have to train. If possible, choose something that’s being held to raise funds or awareness for a cause you both believe in.

Working out together can solidify your commitment to each other’s wellbeing, give you some time alone together and also get you into great shape, all things that are essential to a passionate marriage!

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    Are you planning to get fit together this fall? Share us your exciting plans to work out this fall. We’d love to hear them!

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