5 Creative Weekend Getaways

I’m a huge fan of Real Simple magazine as well as their website. I’ve been looking for some good weekend getaway ideas for the summer
and found a terrific article on their website about that very subject.

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Getting away for a weekend can be hard, I know. Between schedules and finances, it can be difficult to get away for a little couple time, especially if you’re already planning on taking a family vacation. However, couple time is so important to a happy, vital marriage and Real Simple has some really great ideas for you.

1. Rent someone’s house.

There are a number of companies that allow people to either rent their houses out (often their own vacation properties) or trade time in their home for time in someone else’s. This can be a really economical way to stay in a nearby tourist destination, especially since you’ll have the option of saving money by cooking in your own kitchen instead of dining out. Nightly rates are very often cheaper than a hotel, too.

2. Take a cruise to nowhere in particular.

If you live near a cruise port, check out a cruise to nowhere. There are usually cruises available that last from one to three days and they’re generally less expensive than a destination cruise. All you do do is sail to a halfway point and turn around. You get all the on-
board perks and skip the tourist traps, all for less money.

3. Go camping.

This can be a really economical option. You can pitch a tent in a state park for almost nothing, or rent a cabin or RV at a private campground or even some state parks as well. Choose a location, decide how much you want to rough it and pick a spot.

4. Hit a casino, even if you don’t really gamble.

Most states have at least one and many of the casino hotels offer great weekend package deals that may include meals. These often come with a certain number of chips or tokens, too. Play until they’re gone or ignore them, and spend the rest of your weekend relaxing by the pool or playing golf.

5. Be a tourist….at home.

Most of us live in areas we’ve never fully explored. Pick a few things you’ve never checked out, like local museums, theaters, art galleries or golf courses. Check into a local hotel for the weekend and play tourist. This is an especially good option for parents who are worried about straying too far from the kids and the babysitter.

Please let me know if you have any great weekend getaway ideas of your own. You can never tell which one might be perfect for someone else!

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