5 Great Romantic Ideas for Couples with Kids

Raising children together is one of the greatest joys for parents. Having very young children around the house is an especially fun and exciting time. But realistically, it can take a toll on romance in the marriage. The period when you’re raising small children is often a critical point in marriage when it comes to intimacy and romance. This is the point at which many couple begin to see the passion and romance trickle down to next to nothing.

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Being Parents Doesn’t Mean the End of Romance!

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The biggest drawback to romance in marriage when you have kids is the logistical nightmare of getting away without them for a few hours. Romantic dinners, weekends away and many other traditional romantic tricks become too much of a hassle to do very often. But if you get your mindset away from the traditional, there’s a whole new world of romantic ideas out there for you.

We recently found some great tips from two wonderful pieces on romantic ideas. The first was Zenhabits.com and their article on romantic ideas for little money. The other was a great collection of romantic ideas from Reader’s Digest.com. Here are five that we thought were especially guaranteed romantic ideas for couples with young kids. No babysitter required!

  1. Bring home a bottle of wine and watch for shooting stars. Wait until the kids are in bed, then take your wine and a couple of glasses out to the deck or back yard. Watch for shooting stars, find the constellations or just make out like teenagers.
  2. Anybody can do a candlelit dinner. Wake up early and surprise your spouse with a candlelit breakfast.
  3. Feed the kids, get them into bed and then have your dinner on the roof, with some music. This only works if you have a flat roof!
  4. Every day for a week, collect one small thing that your spouse loves. This could be a candy bar, a song mix on CD or a gift card for specialty coffee. Use your imagination but keep it small. On Friday evening, pack your things into shoe or gift boxes and trade.
  5. Buy your partner a lottery ticket. Attach a note that says, “I hit the jackpot when I married you!”

These are just a few of the great ideas that we think are especially great for couples with young kids. Check the websites out to find many, many more.

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