5 Great Romantic Ideas for Older Couples

Older couples often talk to us about the lack of romance in passion in their otherwise happy marriages. These are couples who have been married for many years and often couples who have just become empty-nesters. As middle-aged folks ourselves, we not only empathize with these couples, we also know that romance and passion are just as important to a “nicely aged” marriage as it ever was to newlyweds.

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Bring That Youthful Passion Back into Your Marriage!

We feel that the very best thing that you can do to bring romance and passion back into your marriage is to recapture some of that youthful excitement. It isn’t about being younger or more vigorous, but about tapping into that sense of adventure, that love for the unexpected that you may have had in greater abundance when you were dating or newly married.

Here are the five best romantic ideas we’ve seen for older couples.

Get over any qualms about being embarrassed or feeling silly and try them out. We think after you see the results of the first one you try, you’ll be more than willing to try them all.

  1. Go to a movie and don’t watch. How much more of a throwback to youthful ardor can you find? Pick a movie, sit in the back if you feel shy and make out like a couple of college kids.
  2. Have a memory movie night. One weekend night (or even an afternoon) sit down with some refreshments and cuddle on the couch or in bed while you watch two or three movies you enjoyed as a young couple. If possible, watch at least one that you saw when you were dating.
  3. Husbands, take a wife on a date, but not just any date. Get spiffed up, have the car washed, buy or pick a bouquet and ring your own doorbell. Your wife will love it.
  4. Make a CD mix of your favorite hit songs from every year (or at least every decade) you’ve been married. Dance by candlelight in the living room or on the deck.
  5. Surprise your mate with an evening at a karaeoke spot. Floor him or her with a song.

These are just a few great ideas for more passion and romance for older couples. Here are some terrific resources to help you find many, many more. Why don’t you look at them together?

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