5 Tips for Reinventing the Passion in Your Marriage

Keeping the passion alive or bringing it back to life is what Rockin’ Marriage is all about. No matter how long you’ve been married or how old or busy you are, there’s no reason to settle for a marriage that is anything less than passionate and exciting. As long as you’re willing to make changes when needed and put a little time and effort into it, you can have a vital, fun, and very hot marriage.

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Hitched.com is a great site for married couples and those who are soon to be married. They’ve got a terrific new article on their site on ways to redefine passion in your marriage and rekindle the fire in your bedroom. The article’s author is Denise J Charles, an educator, counselor, relationship coach and founder of a couple’s counseling center. She’s got some great tips on what you need to put behind you if you want to have plenty of passion ahead.

We’re just going to give you the highlights here, but you should check out the rest of the article, too.

1. Lose the negative self-image.

As Charles points out, having a good self-image is essential to feeling relaxed, comfortable and confident in the bedroom.

To some degree, accepting our flaws is all about embracing our humanity. At the same time, spending some time to glamorize ourselves at the spa, salon, gym or even through updating our wardrobe, can go a long way to improve how we feel about ourselves in and out of the bedroom.”

2. Trim the busy schedule.

Learning to prioritize and deliberately reserving time for our (romantic) life can actually go a long way in restoring our flagging desire.”

This is a good point, and very true. Just knowing your partner is willing to make time for romance can do an awful lot of your libido and your self-confidence.

3. Get rid of the Hollywood-like expectations.

Romantic movies are fun and can be exciting, but they’re not always realistic. Make sure your expectations can be fulfilled by a real-life partner and you’ll find that reality is much better than anything Hollywood cooks up.

While we may all enjoy those riveting romantic scenes in the movies where everything works like clockwork on cue, real lovemaking tends to be a lot less smooth and a lot more unpredictable. Getting rid of our performance anxiety and learning to just go with the flow, can actually bring a sense of psychological release, which can impact positively on our (romantic) desire.”

4. Ditch some of the inhibitions.

Charles explains that sticking with the same old routine in the bedroom will kill the passion quick. She suggests that getting out of your comfort zone (in a good way) can be just what you need to fire things up.

5. Clear up the old hurts and issues.

Taking the initiative to talk and untangle our hurts and disappointments through honest communication can increase the sense of intimacy with our spouse. This can really make sizzling (passion) a distinct possibility.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about redefining passion in your marriage and getting rid of anything that’s keeping you from enjoying your relationship to its fullest.

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  1. Cathy Lorient August 3, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    How do you find the tips to rekindle the fire in your bedroom? Try them all and let us know what works for you.

    – Cathy Lorient

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