6 Ways to Create a Bedroom That’s Made for Romance

If you tell most men that you want to create a more romantic bedroom, they’ll wince. In their minds, your bedroom is doomed to be filled with all things pink and flowery. But a romantic bedroom for a couple has to appeal to both of you. This means making the space peaceful, serene and romantic without making it feminine. Romance isn’t gender-specific and women don’t need flowers and poofy things to make them think of romance and passion when enter a room. Think of some of the hotel rooms where you’ve shared some very passionate times. Probably few of them looked like the setting for a Barbara Cartland novel.

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MyHomeIdeas.com, the people that bring you This Old House, have a great slideshow on six ways to create a romantic, passionate bedroom on very little money. It’s a great collection of ideas, tips and photos to help you create a bedroom that’s perfect for a more passionate marriage. Here are some of the great tips they share:

1. Get rid of clutter.

Get rid of all the junk that accumulates in your bedroom. Don’t use it as a dumping ground for kids’ art projects, laundry, newspapers, and magazines.”

As the article puts it, no one feels romantic walking into a warehouse. Use under the bed storage, an armoire or a spare dresser drawer to store things that need to be in the bedroom but can stand to be out of sight. Find a new home for everything else. This creates a more serene and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Ditch the overhead lighting.

Overhead lighting makes your bedroom about as romantic as the laundry room. MyHomeIdeas suggests placing lamps at either side of the bed and keeping the light bulbs to 60 watts or less.

For even more impact, replace the white bulbs with pink-tinted bulbs. Everybody looks good in this light – the only thing more flattering is candlelight, and pink light bulbs don’t pose a fire hazard.”

3. Use some scents.

Take the same approach to smell that you took to sight. Get rid of anything that doesn’t smell great. Remove the laundry hamper to a bathroom or closet. Evict the dog, just for one night. Wash everything, down to the mattress pad.”

Then replace those unpleasant scents with something more conducive to romance. Choose scented candles (nothing too flowery) for both their scent and their romantic glow.

4. Create a better soundtrack.

The editors advise turning off the TV or better yet, getting rid of it altogether. As they point out, “Law and Order” is a great show, but it ain’t romantic. Play some sensuous music instead. They also suggest that a thick rug and some curtains around the bed will muffle sound if you’re worried about being overheard by the kids.

5. Forget the displays and collections, especially the childish ones.

Stuffed animals are a no-no, as are too many tiny pillows. What looks good in a bedding store can appear fussy and high-maintenance at home — not the message you’re trying to send.”

6. A well-placed mirror adds spice.

No, you don’t have to put a mirror over the bed. A mirrored piece of furniture or even

A closet door left ‘accidentally’ ajar, with its inside mirror angled toward the bed, can give you a thrill without risking embarrassment.”

Spend a little time this weekend making your bedroom a place that just screams passion. The time invested will be well worthwhile!

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