7 Great Lessons in Marriage from the Olympics, Part 2

It may come as a surprise, but even an event focused entirely on sporting prowess can provide inspiration to strengthen one of our most important relationships: marriage.”

This statement comes from London lifecoach Gina Visram, who says in her Huffington Post article this weekend that we can be inspired by the Olympics in more ways than one. After reading her article, we have to agree.

No matter what stage of marriage you’re in, we can all stand to apply a little Olympic spirit to building strong, happy marriages. In this second post, we want to share and give our thoughts on the next three of Visram’s Olympic marriage lessons.

1. Don’t be afraid of change.

The London 2012 Olympic Games highlighted that change can be a positive thing to be embraced, not something to be feared. It saw the first ever women’s boxing events and the first time that there was a female athlete in the team of every country to compete in the Games. This was change for good… and for any couple who intends to be together ’till death do us part’, embracing change is a necessity.”

This is very true, but embracing change doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Some changes shake up our senses of security and stability. A job loss, a long-distance move or an unexpected pregnancy can throw us for a loop and keep us from building our marriages by working through change (and challenges) together. When these stressful types of changes come up, it’s important to take a deep breath, then sit down together and figure out how to get through the rough parts and appreciate the benefits. It may take some work at first to recognize the upside of a situation, but finding it together will only strengthen your marriage.

2. Don’t shy away from PDAs.

As Visram points out, there was quite a bit of public affection throughout the games.

Public displays of affection can be a sign of seizing the moment, which is a great attribute for couples to have. If it’s good enough for the Olympics… it’s good enough for us!”

Ed and I are fairly affectionate in public, within reason, of course. We’re comfortable with handholding, hugging and kissing in public, as long as the time and place are appropriate. We do draw the line at making out in public and no one has ever told us to get a room, but we think demonstrating how much you love your spouse boosts their ego, and a confidant spouse is a passionate spouse!

marriage tips - lessons from the olympics 2

3. Don’t give up on your goals.

Not only do Olympians train for an astounding amount of hours per day or per week, but to be successful, it is essential to recognize that you may not win every battle every time… but if you don’t give up, you can still come back and take gold.”

Of course, the gold here is a happy, romantic, strong marriage that lasts a lifetime, not a physical competition. But it does take strength and it does take practice. It also takes some persistence and teamwork. Accept going in that things won’t always go as planned, but that working together as a team means you’ve already won.

Next time, we’ll share the last two of Visram’s seven lessons for marriage from the Olympics.

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