7 Great Lessons on Marriage from the Olympics

It may come as a surprise, but even an event focused entirely on sporting prowess can provide inspiration to strengthen one of  our most important relationships: marriage.”

This statement comes from London lifecoach Gina Visram, who says in her Huffington Post article this weekend that we can be inspired by the Olympics in more ways than one. After reading her article, we have to agree.

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Visram lays out 7 great marriage lessons that we can glean from the Olympics and we found them so good and so worthy of a few tips that we’re going to break them down into a three-part post. No matter what stage of marriage you’re in, we can all stand to apply a little olympic spirit to building strong, happy marriages. In this first post, we want to share and expound on the Visram’s first two lessons.

1. False Starts are Fatal

We wanted to start with this one, because it’s the only one we disagree with! In her post, Visram says,

Since the last Olympics, the “false-start” rule has been incorporated into Athletics. Different to previous Olympic Games, the rule states that a false-start now equals an immediate disqualification. If you start too early, there are no second chances.”

Her point is that couples should be careful about marrying before they’re ready because making the leap too soon could be fatal to the marriage. Now, this can be true but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve seen plenty of marriages that were probably begun before the couple was ready, either because they were too young or their relationship was. This can make for some problems, but it doesn’t have to be an irrevocable one.

Even if you’ve come to believe that you weren’t truly prepared for your marriage, you still have a foundation of love and commitment to build on. Sit down and talk about how your marriage and expectations have been different and discuss ways to overcome any unexpected obstacles or differences. We’ve seen plenty of marriages that had “false starts” but truly wonderful second stages.

2. Value each other.

Isram says,

One of my lasting memories of the Games is the moment Jamaica’s Usain Bolt and Great Britain’s Mo Farah — triple and double gold medal-winners from the 2012 event — stood together holding the other’s victory pose. While Farah did the ‘To the World/lightning Bolt’ and Bolt did the ‘Mo-Bot’ the image became an image highlighting friendship, humor, respect, determination, excellence, inspiration and equality. For these two men who have known each other for 10 years it was their way of honoring the achievements of the other.”

This is a wonderful illustration of mutual respect and admiration and respect is one of the binding agents of a lifelong, happy marriage. Be sure to tell each other how proud you are of their achievements and their gifts. Celebrate their victories,whether large or small. When we show our spouses how much we value them and why, we not only strengthen them, but also help ourselves to remember how fortunate we are and why we’re married.

Next time, we’ll cover three more of Isram’s “7 Great Marriage Lessons from the Olympics.”

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