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Fact:  Your marriage can be BETTER than ever. It can be fulfilling. Passionate! Exciting! Your marriage does NOT have to be stale or uninteresting. Here at, we have proven time and again that the secret is a Daily Reminder — in the form of daily tips that provide bite-sized simple tidbits of romantic action. 

We believe that marriages can be saved. Rekindled. And made even stronger.

My name is Cathy Lorient. My husband and I started with the goal to transform so-so marriages and turn them into incredible romances starting right now.

Why aren’t marriages working?

Have fallen in love with the right person, but now feel that any of the following apply to you…

  • Your marriage has fallen on rocky times?
  • Maybe things are “ok” but you are looking to make your marriage much better, more fulfilling, and more passionate?
  • Have things gotten stale, boring and routine?
  • Do you find yourself in a somewhat sexless relationship where the passion has vanished from the bedroom?
  • Or, perhaps you’re even wrestling with the aftermath of infidelity?

If you can relate to any of the above, then let me assure you that it is NOT too late to save your relationship and make it better than ever. That spark that drew you together can be reignited.

The Rockin Marriage (TM) Daily Solution!

Here at, we have a proven plan for you that we guarantee can work — if you’re serious about fixing things. It is based on delivering a Daily Tip to your inbox, that focuses on one action “step” or piece of advice. All you need do is (a) read the brief tip daily and (b) then implement the simple suggestion.

What is needed is daily motivation. A daily reminder, in the form of specific romance tips to apply daily, that will rekindle the passion. But, where can you find these daily tips? Don’t fret, that’s where we come in.

You can subscribe to our RockinMarriage (TM) Daily Bliss Tips — they are free and cost nothing. They are delivered to your inbox daily and they are fun to read. Drop your best email in the box below and we’ll rush over the first edition of Rockin Marriage (TM) Daily Bliss Tips straight to your email inbox. (No cost, this service is free.)

Who is Behind Rockin Marriage(TM)

Ed and Cathy Lorient are the founders of, a source for daily marriage advice delivered in useful bite-sized tips for rekindling the romance and bringing the passion back now into a marriage.

What’s the Story Behind Rock Marriage(TM)

RockinMarriage - Save Your Marriage Now

Ed & Cathy Lorient

Ed and Cathy Lorient have been married for 21 years — but after going through their own rough patch ten years into their relationship, they decided to learn why marriages can falter. In repairing their own marriage, they discovered a practical approach for transforming so-so marriages into “fresh, passionate, exciting relationships that work for the long haul.”

But things weren’t always so rosy for Ed and Cathy!

A Stale and Uninteresting Marriage Gets Transformed

“Our marriage had imperceptibly veered off course and we both suddenly awoke ten years into our marriage to discover… that things had become ‘stale’, uninteresting, and nearly sexless,” says Cathy Lorient.

“It just seemed that my husband and I didn’t have anything in common anymore. All of the things that had been so exciting when we were first married had become routine and boring. There was nothing new left to talk about, except the kids, and sadly that usually just started an argument.”

“I knew I had to do something,” says Cathy.

“That’s when my husband and I started to read literally everything we could get our hands on, on the subject of improving my marriage. Love sometimes needs a little stimulation in order to revisit and maintain the feelings we all crave and yearn for. That stimulation is called ‘romance.’”

Is Your Marriage Lacking Romance?

“In interacting with our readers, we’ve learned that people mistake a marriage that seems to be ordinary or unexceptional, as lacking love. It simply isn’t the case! Most marriages do not lack love — but they do lack romance! Love is easy and peaceful, while romance is what makes a relationship hot and arousing. That is the goal of our Daily Bliss Tips at It provides a daily reminder in the form of an actionable tip, that will reignite the passion in your marriage.”

Cathy’s “daily bite-sized approach” has worked so well, that thousands of readers have flocked to to subscribe to her Daily Bliss Tips.  “We are so thrilled at how RockinMarriage has taken off and how many lives it is positively influencing on a daily basis. Anyone yearning for a more passionate relationship, should give our Daily Bliss Tips a try. The subscription is free and will remain so, for the foreseeable future.”

(There is no cost to participate in the Rockin Marriage (TM) Daily Tips.)