Actor Alec Baldwin Offers Good Advice on Putting Marriage First

In today’s celebrity-hungry society, the marriage or divorce of an actor or actress is considered big news. Not being particularly fascinated by celebrity news ourselves, we usually skip over those stories unless something really interesting pops out at us.

Such was the case with this story on this morning. The article, called “Alec Baldwin: ‘Marriage will take priority over work‘” looked like it might be relevant to Rockin’ Marriage and in fact it is.

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Most of us struggle with juggling our work lives with our marriages. Balance is key, but the scales usually tip a bit in favor of one or the other. Apparently, Alec Baldwin’s first marriage, to actress Kim Basinger, was torpedoed by work lives that took them away from each other too often and for too long. The actor had quite a bit to say about that and about how he plans to do things differently this time.

According to, Baldwin had this to say in an interview with Total Film:

When you’re both in the business, you both know that you’re going to light one film off the other. It’s like chain smoking. You just have to do one after the other. You sense that this isn’t right, you have this daunting, overwhelming, overarching priority that takes you away for long periods at a time.”

Baldwin’s first marriage was the casualty of a business that demands traveling for extended periods of time, but you don’t have to be on a faraway film set or even go out of town to be away from your spouse too much. Lots of overtime, business trips and even bringing work home can take a serious toll on your relationship with your spouse. Not only does it keep you from investing time in romance, it can also make your spouse feel that they’re not a priority on your life. Over time, this can make it very difficult to have a strong marriage. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize how little time is leftover from work to spend on our marriages.

If you took a stopwatch and a calendar and you mapped out how much time you really got to spend that was private and real, it’s startlingly little… You put a lot of energy into… your work.You do the best you can at the time, but a marriage has to be a priority.”

Apparently, Baldwin wants his second marriage to benefit from what he’s learned about life/work balance.

Now I’m with someone who’s not in the business and I would like to have a different life this time, have it be more normal.”

We wish him all the luck in the world and we hope that his story will give you pause for thought. How’s your work/life balance these days? If you’ve been spending a lot of extra time at work, schedule an evening or even a day off to devote to reconnecting with your mate.

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    How’s your work/life balance these days? Is your work affecting your marriage negatively? Please leave your thoughts or comments below.

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