Can’t Go Out to Eat? Have a Romantic Dinner at Home!

As you all know by now, we’re huge advocates of injecting a little romance into every day. One of the great ways to do that is by having a romantic dinner together. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy. The economy being what it is, some people have a hard time finding the money to go out to eat, or even more difficult, paying for both dinner and a babysitter.

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I ran across this piece by marriage experts Shari & Bob Stritoff, over at and found it interesting. They have what they call “recipes” for a romantic dinner at home and even offer several menus for your dining pleasure. They’re all good ideas that basically tell you how to recreate a “traditional’ romantic dinner in your own home.

I wanted to offer some creative ideas for romantic dinners at home that are maybe a bit less traditional.

Ed and I are always injecting a little whimsy into our romance. We love to laugh and we like to be a little different on occasion, although sometimes we make sure to do it privately. Not everyone thinks the way we do, but it works for us and it’s fun.

If you have kids at home, pick a night when they’ll be sleeping over with friends or ask a neighbor if the kids can hang out there tonight in exchange for you hosting their kids another night. Then show them this post!

1.  Pick up or order a pizza and then watch an Italian-flavored movie such as “Mystic Pizza” or “Moonstruck.”

If you have one, throw a red-checkered tablecloth over the coffee table, pour some cheap red wine and finish the meal with a couple of cannoli or some spumoni ice cream.

2.  Recreate the drive-in.

Ed and I actually did this last summer when he finally realized his dream of owning a convertible, but you can do it in whatever car you like or even on a blanket. We brought some junk food snacks out to the car, set our portable DVD player on the console and watched American Graffiti from the back seat. We may or may not have made out like teenagers while we were at it.

3.  Have a campfire cookout.

Fire up the grill or hibachi and cook a couple of steaks or burgers. Eat on a picnic blanket. Roast marshmallows or make s’mores. If you really want to get into it, have your husband pitch a tent in the backyard while you’re getting the food ready.

Being creative about romance is half the fun. If your budget or your schedule are tight, consider that some positive motivation to inject a little more fun into your romantic lives. Anyone can go out to dinner and it gets to be old hat if you’re able to do it often. It takes serious romantics to create their own romance at home!

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