Couple Celebrates 70 Years and Shares Some Wisdom

With all the statistics that say most marriages don’t last, I knew I had to share this with you readers! An Alaska couple has just celebrated their 70th anniversary and they shared some of the wisdom they’ve collected about having a long and happy marriage. I
don’t know about you, but I’m willing to listen to any couple that can stay married for two-thirds of a century!

Charles Tryck is 92 and his wife Molly is 89.

When the interviewer asked how they managed to stay married for so long, they answered simultaneously but not identically. Molly said, “It isn’t easy” and Charles said, “She’s always right.” You have to love that.stop divorce - long and happy marriage 2

They did have some thoughts, though, on what made their marriage work and how they think they were different as a young couple from young couples today.

You have to have patience. There are lots of ups and downs,” she said. “I think young people give up too soon.”

Couples didn’t think about everything so much, he said, they just did.

I don’t think young people rationalized and analyzed their future the way kids do now,” he said.

I would have to agree with their assessment of we younger couples.

(And I love that I’m now part of a “younger” couple!) I think we do tend to give up more readily than couples did several decades ago, as evidenced by the divorce rates. It can’t simply be that marriage got harder, although it certainly has some different challenges, like working long hours away from home.

I also think Charles is on to something when he says that we over analyze things. Maybe people kept their marriages together by taking a simpler approach. Maybe we do too much “what-iffing” for our own good.

Read the article for yourselves – you’ll enjoy it. They’re a neat couple that I wish I could talk to myself and they certainly have earned the right to give us young folks (yay!) some advice.

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