Fun Trust Building Exercises to Strengthen Your Marriage

Trust is one of the most important building blocks of a happy, healthy marriage. Without it, you have little else. The longer you’re married, the more experience you have in different situations with your spouse. These experiences hopefully teach you that you can trust your spouse with your feelings, important decisions and your heart.

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Trust building exercises have been used forever by businesses, to help build teams that work well together for the company’s common goals. These trust building exercises, with some modifications, also work well to build marriage teams (you and your spouse) that work well together for the common goals of the family.

I found some really good examples of popular trust building exercises on that I think work just as well for married couples.

I really like their reasoning behind using these exercises, too:

Maria Edgeworth said, ‘the human heart, at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return’. The same holds true while building a relationship with trust. In order to lead or to be led, you have to open both your heart and your mind to trust your colleagues (or spouses).”

Try one of these soon, when you have some uninterrupted time together. They even make a fun date night activity. You can also do these with your older children to foster a sense of unity as a family.

Mine Field

Mine field is a game that not only builds trust but also communication and teamwork. Person 1 is blindfolded while Person 2 scatters a selection of items around the floor. Person 2 then guides Person 1 around the minefield to collect the majority of items. Some of the items are to be avoided, and the person guiding must help their partner steer clear. After the first round, the blindfold goes on Person 2, and Person 1 rearranges the items and then does the guiding.

Control Tower

Play this game in a well-known environment like your back yard or family room. Create an obstacle course within the room or wherever you are playing the game. Blindfold one person, while the other person instructs them through the course. Then let the other person put on the blindfold. Rearrange the course and continue the game with a role reversal. This is an especially fun one to do with the kids.

Check out the article on Buzzle to get some more ideas for fun trust building exercises that will entertain you, but also help you to build camaraderie and communication.

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    What do you think about these excellent activities to build trust with your spouse? Try them out and let us know how it goes.

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