Give Thanks to Get Your Love Life Back on Track

Every marriage, even the best of them, goes through phases when the intimacy just isn’t there. While this is perfectly normal and usually swings back around, a marriage without intimacy can be an indication that one or both of you has lost some perspective or stopped working on the connection between you that breeds intimacy. Getting your love life back on track quickly can save your marriage from the resentment that a long dry spell can produce.

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Dr. Oz has an excellent short article this week on called “Give Thanks to Boost Your Love Life“. It’s definitely a great time to practice being thankful, as the holidays begin and we try to focus on love and family. But Dr. Oz says that practicing an attitude of gratitude can not only make you happier, it can also spice up your love life.

Ever wish you and your partner felt closer? Want to relight the fire of love, morning, noon, and (especially) night? Just adopt gratitude as your attitude. Gratitude can work better than Viagra at boosting romance.”

Save your marriage from a lack of intimacy by following Dr. Oz’s simple tips.

Try this together: Each night, write down whether either of you did something thoughtful for the other. You’ll find both of you feel more deeply connected and happier with the relationship when either one does something nice, whether you’re the giver or the receiver. And those positive, loving feelings don’t just kick in for a moment. They last from a day to as long as a month! This isn’t just opinion; it’s solid science.”

Dr. Oz says that adopting a thankful attitude toward your partner has more than one benefit.

Showing gratitude not only will make your partner want to please you (we won’t imagine how) but can make others like you better, too. Openly grateful people are seen as more generous and helpful by friends and family. Who wouldn’t like that?”

He also suggests that you try keeping a gratitude journal, explaining that writing down the things for which you are grateful is actually good for your health. People who do keep a gratitude journal are more likely to exercise, eat right and have less stress.

All that and a spicier love life? We think that’s a great deal and a great way to start the holiday season.

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  1. Cathy Lorient December 4, 2012 at 2:39 am #

    How do you give thanks to your spouse? How do you make your spouse feel appreciated? Feel free to leave a comment.

    – Cathy Lorient

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