How to Fit Romance into Your Family Vacation

Finding time to squeeze a little more romance into your marriage is always tricky. When you have kids, you may both be committed to a periodic rekindling of the passion in your marriage, but scheduling them is hard. One thing most parents do seem to make time for is the family summer vacation. It may be humble or extravagant, but parents usually make it happen. This is probably because they know it’s important for the kids and for the family. And that’s very true. But getting more romance into the marriage is just as important. So how about finding ways to get some romantic time in during your family vacation?


Romance on a Family Vacation?

We know. A vacation with the kids doesn’t usually conjure up visions of romance. However, there are ways to squeeze in some romantic time together that will help you to rekindle the passion a bit no matter where you are.

Choose a Destination That Makes It Easy

Some vacation destinations are great for families, but also make it easier for parents to get some romantic time alone. All inclusive family resorts are one choice that comes to mind. They have great activities and amenities for the whole family, but when you need some time alone, supervised kids’ programs help you get it. Check out a recent article by, called “The Best Family Summer Vacations.” They’ve ranked and rated several destinations, including some of the best all-inclusive resorts. Family Vacation Critic is another great resource, with reviews and articles on all types of family vacations all over the world.

Find The Time to Be Alone

Even if you opt out of an all-inclusive resort, you can still find destinations that have plenty for the kids, but make it easy for the parents to steal some time alone. Disney World and Disneyland have in-room babysitting and various kids clubs on the properties that allow adults to have a romantic afternoon or evening alone.

If even that option isn’t practical for you, you’ll have to get creative. Get up before the kids and have a sunrise breakfast for two. Once the kids are in bed, share a bottle of wine and a few slow dances on the balcony or terrace of your room. Give each other some serious
sunscreen massages while the kids play in the pool.

When you put your mind where your heart is, you can come up with plenty of practical or creative ways to put a little passion into your next family vacation.

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