How To Flirt With Your Husband

Last time, we declared that this week would be “National Flirt With Your Spouse Week” and we gave the husbands among you some great tips for flirting with your wife. Today, it’s time to share some great tips with you wives on how to use flirting to let your husband know that he still floats your boat.

marriage tips - how to flirt with your husband

Women seem to be genetically predisposed to successful, subtle flirting. Unfortunately, men are known for picking up subtleties in the boardroom but not necessarily at the dining room table. So, don’t fret if you give your husband a wink and he asks if you have an eye infection coming on. He might not get it right away, but he’ll get it eventually and he’ll love it. Men need periodic reassurance that they’re still virile, manly and desirable and they react very well when they get it!

Here are our top three tips for flirting with your husband:

1. Give him a wink.

In the last post, I shared that my husband can still slay me with a wink and that men really needed to dust that old trick off and use it more often. However, the quick, unexpected wink may be even more powerful coming from a woman. It’s far more unusual and unexpected, which makes it extremely effective. Try a wink from across the dinner table or across the room at a party.

2. Send a flirty email or text.

Nothing gets a man’s attention like a flirty gesture in the middle of the workday. Send him a quick text or email (nothing too racy or explicit) letting him know that you’re thinking of him. Maybe something like, “I put some of your cologne on my wrist this morning. I haven’t been able to focus all day.” Neither will he.

3. Try the old two-punch whammy.

For whatever reason, men still get mesmerized by a woman twirling her hair around her finger, especially when she’s making eye contact. However, we’ll bet it’s been a while since he’s seen it from YOU. Go ahead and lay it on him. It still works.

These are just a few of our favorites, but we’ll bet you can remember a few of your own from the old days. You won him once, so think back on how you did it. You can also check out Hitched Magazine’s article, “11 Ways To Flirt With Your Spouse.” It’s got some great pointers for both husbands and wives. And do let us know if you’re joining us for “National Flirt With Your Spouse Week”, what flirting techniques you’re using and how they’re working out!

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    Do you have other great techniques to flirt with your husband? Share it here! We’d love to learn more techniques from you!

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