How You and Your Friends Can Keep Each Other’s Marriages Hot

Finding time for romance and passion is one of the hardest things in a marriage. Especially after the kids come along, carving out some couple time can be really difficult. But your married friends are in the same situation, so why not help each other? Here are some things you can work out with one or more married couples with whom you’re close, so that all of you can get more couple time
and keep those fires burning.

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1. Switch off date nights.

Get together with another couple and work out one night a week or every other week that is your date night and one that is theirs. On your date night, your kids go to their house. On their date night, the kids come to yours. This not only gives you the time to go out, it also gives you more money to do it. Oftentimes, couples don’t get out enough because they can’t afford to pay a sitter, too.

2. Plan weekend getaways – separately.

Have a couple over for dinner or a barbecue to plan weekend getaways. Both of you bring calendars and work out one or two upcoming weekends that each couple would like to get away. Most couples don’t get very many weekends away together unless they have in-laws or other family to watch the kids, but even then many parents hate to impose. If you’re trading weekends with another couple, it’s not an imposition, it’s an opportunity that neither for you would otherwise have.

3. Trade your teens.

If you’re friends with another couple that has teenagers, try this idea. Get the two families together one afternoon or evening and ask the kids to switch off babysitting. Their teenager watches your kids one night a month and your teenager watches theirs once a month for an agreed-upon number of hours. Both kids make money, both couples get to go out, but your teen isn’t stuck watching the kids every time, and neither is theirs.

Once you’ve got some friends interested in trading off some time so that each of you gets to have some romantic fun and keep that passion going, there are plenty of sites where you can get some great date night ideas or ideas for quick weekend getaways. One we like is EscapeMaker, which has a ton of weekend getaways that you can either read about for inspiration or book from the site.

Keeping a marriage vital and healthy is a constant effort – why shouldn’t couples help each other to make it less difficult? It’s a win-win for everyone.

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  1. Cathy Lorient June 1, 2012 at 2:54 am #

    Have you found another couple who are willing to switch date nights with you? Try these great tips and let us know how it goes by writing a comment below!

    – Cathy

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