Some Interesting Benefits to Fixing Your Passionless Marriage

One of the more common issues going on in marriages is that of a passionless marriage. We’ve seen it a lot over the years and we’re seem to be seeing it more often. There a lot of reasons why couples find themselves in a passionless marriage and we won’t be going into them here.

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Can Lovemaking Make You Live Longer?

What we will be talking about is an interesting story from a South Florida news station last week. The approach to passionless marriage caught our attention because it discussed some interesting benefits to having more lovemaking and turning a passionless marriage around. Skipping over the obvious benefits to your marriage’s chances of success and happiness, the story pointed out some other pluses to getting more passion back into your relationship. These pluses, the story points out, just may help you live longer and feel better doing it.

The story explains that more lovemaking may equal a longer and healthier lifespan and for several reasons. It mentions a recent Australian study published in the British Journal of Urology International, which found that men are less likely to develop prostate cancer if they have regular lovemaking. The study showed that men in their 20s who led healthy love lives were less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

Got a Headache? Make Love Anyway

The story also points out the fact that the moment of most intense pleasure releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killer. It goes on to say:

Lovemaking naturally releases endorphins and corticosteroids, which can help relieve pain from migraines, menstrual cramps and chronic back problems.”

So the next time you get a headache or feel a little sore, maybe you shouldn’t skip the lovemaking-it may be just what you need. As a bonus, it’s probably what your spouse needs, too.

Lovemaking Also Relieves Stress and Stress related Symptoms

This point has gotten quite a bit of publicity over the years. The hormones released during lovemaking can reduce the feelings of stress and also your blood pressure and slow your heart rate. If stress is one of the things that has led to a passionless marriage, maybe lovemaking is your best weapon against it.

It’s an interesting Catch-22 kind of cycle, but one that bears some thought. Once you relieve some of the symptoms of stress, maybe you can get down to removing the sources. In the meantime, you’ll be taking steps toward greater intimacy and a stronger marriage.

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