The 5 Most Romantic Things You Can Say To Your Spouse

Hallmark makes buckets of money saying romantic things for us. Songwriters make their careers on lyrics that express our romantic feelings more creatively than we can. But the thing about romance is that flowery language is nice and poems and songs have their place, but real romance is…..well, more real.

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When you first fall in love, the romance transforms your life. But after years together, your life transforms your romance. People worry that romance goes away after several years of marriage, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all and you don’t need Hallmark to give you great romantic lines.

Really great romantic lines become infamous for the emotions they evoke.

Remember “You complete me”? Or how about “You make me want to be a better man”? Fabulous lines. Swoon-worthy to be sure. But the most romantic things that you can say to your spouse are things that relate to you as a couple and to the life you’ve built together. Truly great romance doesn’t happen in the movies, it happens in the midst of our daily lives. Even in a chaotic week or in the midst of a very trying time, one sincere sentence can inspire romance like no greeting card can.

Here are five great romantic lines that speak to who you are as a couple, why you’re a couple and what your spouse really means to you. They may not all be flowery, but they are powerful.

1. I believe in you.

One of the most powerful and meaningful things you can assure your spouse is that you believe in them; that you believe in their character, their abilities and their possibilities. This is especially powerful for men, who base a lot of their self-confidence in how confident others are in them.

2. I’ll support you whatever you decide.

This is a similar line and is powerful for similar reasons, but it speaks more to trust than belief. In order to be fully free to be romantic, you have to trust your partner and feel trusted in return. If your spouse is wrestling with a decision about their career, their future or
even just how to handle a problem with a friend, your unconditional support just confirms that you are indeed a strong couple in love.

3. That doesn’t matter; you do.

This statement can apply to a disagreement, a decision that doesn’t go your way or even a new job or promotion that didn’t happen for you. If your partner is apologizing for or commiserating with you about something, this simple sentence can change the whole tone of the situation for both of you. It refocuses both your attentions on what really matters in the long run. That reminder is powerfully romantic for you both.

4. I would marry you again tomorrow.

This one isn’t new. We’ve heard it in movies and songs. But spoken sincerely to your spouse, especially when they’re feeling down about themselves or you’ve had an argument, this is an extremely meaningful thing to say. The day you got married, you still had a lot to learn about your partner. Saying you would do it again, with all you know now, is truly romantic.

5. I couldn’t do it/have done it without you.

This doesn’t apply to the big things in life, it also applies to everyday triumphs and accomplishments. We want to know that we have a positive impact on our mates and that loving them makes a contribution to their lives. We also need to have that acknowledged every once in a while. Make your spouse feel that their love for you makes a difference and you’ll keep seeing more of it.

These are some great real world examples of truly romantic things you can say to your spouse to build your relationship, re-bond and create more intimacy. Of course, there are those times when something more dramatic or flowery can come in handy. Check out Stylist Magazine’s “Top 50 Most Romantic Lines from Literature.” You’re bound to find something inspiring there!

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