The Top 5 Ways to Really Nurture Your Wife

Last blog, I shared with you’s Top 5 Ways To Nurture Your Spouse, and gave some tips to wives on how to use the list to really nurture their husbands. This time, I’d like to talk to you husbands about how you can really nurture your wives. Let’s take a look at ListMyFive’s list and how you can use it to make your wife feel like the loved woman she is.

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1.Do Special Things for Your Spouse

You poor guys have a reputation for missing the boat on this one, but not for lack of trying. How many jokes have you heard about the husband who took his wife to a wrestling match, bought her a vacuum cleaner or surprised her with a gym membership (which she interpreted as a suggestion)? Women like gifts and grand gestures, but mostly we like knowing that you know us and that you were thinking of us. Let your wife sleep in next Saturday while you get the kids up and fed. Take her to that restaurant she’s never tried because she knows you hate spicy food.

2.Make Sure Your Spouse has a Supply of Her Favorite Treats

We women are pretty treat oriented. We like to reward a hard day at the office, a task ticked off the to-do list or a week of sticking to our diets with a little favorite treat of some kind. Stash a supply of your wife’s favorite chocolates or even some of her favorite novels and spring them on her when she needs them most.

3.Care About the Things Your Spouse Cares About

I know. You hate shopping. You’d rather go to the dentist than go to the gym with her. But investing a little of yourself into the things she’s invested in will make her feel like you value what’s important to her. Translated, that means you value her. You don’t have to go shoe shopping, either. Your wife cares about a lot more than just girl stuff. Help her out next time she’s working on a fundraiser for the school. Spend the day volunteering with her at the animal shelter. Let her know that these things are important to you because they’re important to her.

4.Check In With How They’re Doing

Sometimes it’s not enough to ask “How was your day?” or “How are you doing?”. Women have a tendency to say “Fine” when what we mean is., “Do you really want to know or are you just being polite?” Let her know you really want to know. Let her tell you about the appreciative client who made her day or the rude PTA mother that made her feel like a second-class citizen.

5.Make Time for Your Spouse

We’re all way too busy. You’ve read many blog posts from us that talk about the importance of spending time together. Put it into practice this week. Don’t save it for date night. Look at your schedule and see where you can spare or make a few minutes to have a slow dance after the kids are in bed, take her out for an ice cream cone or even sneak into her bubble bath.

Nurturing our spouses and nurturing our marriages are the same thing. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how simple and undemanding that can be.

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