These 5 Reasons for Divorce Could Help Save Your Marriage

There are many different reasons for divorce. The end of a marriage isn’t always due to money issues or infidelity. However, there are a couple of dozen very common reasons for divorce and Huffington Post recently asked their Facebook and Twitter followers to post the reasons for their divorces. Huffington Post released the results in a slideshow this week called “Divorce Causes: 23 Reasons Marriages End In Divorce, According To Divorced People.”

The post is interesting because it asks divorced people to explain their own reasons for the end of their marriage, rather than getting the usual expert opinions. While the knowledge of counselors, attorneys and therapists is certainly important, it can be helpful to hear from divorced people in their own words.


This post proved to be very interesting, as the reasons given aren’t a dry recitation of common phrases like “we just grew apart” or “she cheated on me.” Instead, they are very individual and thoughtful accounts. We only have space to share the top five reasons for divorce according to the poll responses, but it would be good for you to read them all. If someone
else’s very personal statement sounds an awful lot like your own marriage, just recognizing that the same issue led to someone else’s divorce could be a good wake up call for you and help you to save your marriage.

Here are the five reasons for divorce that really resonated with us:

1. “Marriages end because of selfishness… only takes one.”

2. “People forget love is a VERB. You show love, you do love.”

3. “…because there are less than five positive interactions to every 1 negative interaction.”

4. “Loss of hope. Love is an investment in Hope. Hope is belief in the unknown future. Believe in yourself and encourage your mate to do the same.”

5. “The parties no longer listen, but rather, defend…”

Do any of these five, or the other eighteen in the post, resonate with you?

If so and if you’re still married, it’s not too late! You can only work a problem out once you recognize it’s potential. The potential of these problems is divorce. If your marriage is worth fighting for, recognizing these things in your own relationship is the first step to building a new and lasting one.

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