Want More Romance in Your Marriage? Play Hooky!

Anybody can plan a romantic vacation to a sundrenched island or an exciting destination city. Taking it is another matter. With jobs, kids and money in the equation, that romantic getaway may be a long time coming for busy parents. However, we feel that busy parents need an injection of romance in the marriage more frequently than anyone else. So what’s a busy, real-world couple to do?

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Plan a Mid-Week Interlude for a Quick Romance Fix

We found a great article on TheNest.com called “How to Plan a Midweek Romantic Staycation.” It has a great idea. The premise is for both parents to schedule a Wednesday morning off for a “doctor’s appointment”, and have breakfast in bed followed by…..well, something better than breakfast in bed. It’s a fun idea, but we thought rushing off to work afterwards might take some of the romance and relaxation out of it. So we tweaked the plan a bit.

Playing Hooky with a Purpose

We suggest that you both plan ahead for a midweek day off. Use personal time, unused sick time or whatever you have available to you. Then send the kids off to school and spend the day together playing hooky. But you need to do it the right way. Here are some ground rules:

  1. No answering email or voice mail. Set your phone to vibrate and check periodically for any emergency calls about the kids.
  2. No housework, yard work or errands.
  3. No answering the door.

How to Play Hooky…..for Grown Ups

  1. Make love at least once.
  2. Eat whatever you want-one of the great traditions of playing hooky is eating inappropriate foods. Have ice cream for breakfast and chips for lunch. If you prefer, order takeout or have a meal the kids wouldn’t eat.
  3. Play. Be sure to laugh, tickle, play hide and seek or a game of basketball; whatever will get you laughing and playing.
  4. Take a nap. If you’re having too much fun, skip this step.

Half an hour before the kids are due home, clean up the mess, make yourselves presentable and promise to do it again soon!

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