Your Wedding was Expensive, Your Marriage Shouldn’t Be Cheap

A friend of ours was over the other night and floored us by announcing that his daughter’s wedding was going to cost him almost $20,000. Maybe we’re a bit naive; our son is still single and our daughter is still in high school, so we don’t have much experience with paying for a wedding.

Our own wedding was a very low-budget affair.

We’re both from less-than-wealthy families and in fact, we met at the financial aid office in college, where we were both scrambling to find more tuition money. We married right after Ed graduated, in my parents’ lovely (and free) back yard. I loved it.

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I did a little research after our friend’s announcement and I was surprised to find that his wedding budget wasn’t out of line. Wedding site The places the average much higher.

In a recent survey conducted by The Knot, it was revealed that the average wedding is now about $27,800. However, bear in mind that weddings cost more in large urban areas.”

Now, please understand that I have nothing against large, expensive weddings for those who can afford them.

But I wonder if maybe that money wouldn’t be better spent on a “Romance Fund” for the newlyweds. It seems to me that we’ll gladly drop a significant amount of money for an event like a wedding or vacation, but when it comes to daily life in our marriages, we’re awfully cheap on the romance.

Of course, romance doesn’t necessarily have to cost a dime, but how many times have you decided not to go out for a date night because it’s expensive or not to buy flowers because they cost too much? Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of the same thing.

The other day, I stopped into the store to get milk and picked up a paperback to read in the tub, a new shampoo because it had a cool bottle (I admit it) and a pint of really pricey ice cream. When I looked at the total, I realized that I could have gone out for a nice dinner. Now I’m thinking I could have gone out to a nice dinner with my husband.

How many times have you looked at the price of a nice bouquet for your wife and bought her a single rose instead?

Yet you stop for designer coffee every morning. Skip it for a week and you can easily afford to shock your wife with a dozen roses. For that matter, I could get a mani-pedi once a month instead of twice a month and in a few months I could take my husband to a hotel for the night.

Take a look at how you spend your money every day, just the small stuff. Is there something you could do for your spouse instead, just this week or this month? Money doesn’t buy romance but a nice gift or gesture can tell your spouse that they’re worth it.

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  1. Cathy Lorient July 12, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    What do you think about spending your money wisely to buy your spouse a special gift this month? Kindly leave your comments or views below.

    – Cathy Lorient

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